Starlite the Nite Spirit


Meet Star, the latest fluffy addition to our golden retriever family! With her sparkling eyes and wagging tail, Star has already started filling our days with joy and laughter. As she takes her first paws on this exciting journey, we can't wait to share her adventures with you! 

Star comes from a lineage of champions. Her grandfather, a distinguished Nat. JR./Int. JR. champion set the bar high with his remarkable achievements. But the legacy doesn’t stop there; her great-grandfather was a 4xCAC/BOB with a work certificate, showcasing not just beauty but brains and brawn. Even more, her great-grandparents were decorated with titles like JCHSer, ChSer, CHBIH Club Winner, and Puppy BIS, boasting an array of accolades including 6xCAC, R.CACIB, 2BOB, and a Working test. Star’s roots are woven with excellence, and we are thrilled to see how she will carry on this legacy of distinction!

In her short time with us, Star has already shown glimmers of her charming personality. True to her breed, she's as sweet as they come – always ready with a gentle nuzzle or a warm, puppy-eyed gaze. But don't let her sweetness fool you; she's also a bundle of adventurous spirit! Whether it's exploring every nook of the yard or bravely tackling new challenges, Star’s curiosity knows no bounds. And oh, her eagerness to learn! Each day is a new adventure for Star, filled with training sessions that she approaches with tail-wagging enthusiasm. It’s this blend of sweetness, adventure, and a zest for learning that makes Star a truly remarkable pup in the making. Our hearts are full of anticipation as we think about Star's future, especially the day she becomes a mother to her own little bundles. Imagining her passing on her sweet nature, adventurous spirit, and eagerness to learn to the next generation of puppies fills us with joy. We are committed to nurturing her growth every step of the way, ensuring she's ready for the wonderful journey of motherhood. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, as we can't wait to share every milestone of Star’s journey with you – from her playful leaps to her eventual proud moments as a mom!

AKC Registration #SS44531003

DOB: 12/04/2023






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