Ethan Wyatt Griffith


At a remarkably young age, Ethan embodies an extraordinary combination of elegance and energy, presenting a demeanor that is both captivating and a testament to the exceptional breeding standards maintained by LMU Goldens. His remarkable genetic lineage, inherited from his parents, Falkor and Roxy, contributes significantly to his outstanding qualities. Ethan is a progeny of a past champion bloodline, which, while impressive, is not solely what makes him stand out. Rather, it is his overall temperament and presence that endear him to all who have the pleasure of meeting him.

Ethan's demeanor is a seamless fusion of the grace often observed in his mother, Roxy, and the spirited vigor characteristic of his father, Falkor. This unique blend not only highlights the meticulous care and dedication invested in the breeding program here at LMU Goldens but also underscores the importance of nurturing and environment in shaping such a remarkable individual.

His ability to effortlessly charm and connect with individuals goes beyond mere genetics; it speaks to a deeper, innate quality that resonates with kindness, empathy, and a joyous spirit. This quality, rare and precious, reflects the ethos of LMU Goldens—a commitment to excellence, not just in breeding but in fostering individuals who bring joy, companionship, and a touch of magic into the lives of those they encounter.

In summary, Ethan, with his exceptional blend of grace and vigor, serves as a living emblem of the high standards and heartfelt dedication that LMU Goldens represents. His presence is not just a testament to a noble lineage but a continuous source of joy and inspiration, making him a beloved figure to everyone he meets.

AKC Registration #SS41812805

DOB: 6/17/2023

GR-PRA1: Clear

GR-PRA2: Clear

DM: Clear

NCL: Clear

PNPLA1: Clear

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