What training do you do with puppies?

We feel that acclimating puppies in their first 8 weeks can be the most vital portion of raising puppies. Our puppies are raised on a mixture of several proven puppy curriculums.​

Between day 16 and 8 weeks we start using Noise Exposure exercises. This exposes them to common noises they will hear almost every day for the rest of their life. Including thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuums, the household noises (children, laughter, tv, music, etc). 

What Food do we Feed our Dogs? 

We feed Valu-Pak Free 28/20 All Life Stages and Valu-Pak 30/20 All Life Stages. We choose an all life stages food because it benefits our moms when it comes to pregnancy and whelping.

What color will my puppy be? 

Your Golden Retriever puppy will mature to be the color of his/her ears as an adult.

Are we able to meet parents?

​Yes, normally I have my own Stud for my females but if I ever outsource you can still see the Dam (mother)

How do we pick our puppy? 

​Picks are made in order of deposits, through pictures or video.

Can we visit our puppy?

​Yes absolutely, only after 6 weeks of age, however. This is for their safety because in those first weeks, mom is teaching them and giving them antibodies to protect them against diseases that can be brought in anywhere.

Can we wait to pick a puppy until we meet them?

Regrettably, this isn't a viable option at the moment. Our waiting lists are currently brimming with eager families, and we want to ensure a fair process for everyone, including those excited to peruse pictures or videos.

Do puppies see a vet before leaving?

Yes our puppies are examined by our veterinarian by 6-7 weeks of age. The examination paperwork is sent home in your puppy folder.

How does the waiting list work?

If your deposit is used to be placed on our waiting list, you are placed based on your preferred gender. You will be contacted in the order deposits were received when a puppy of your preference is born. Puppy picks are made by pictures/videos. You may choose an available puppy or pass and continue to wait for the next available litter. View our Policy/Prices page for full details.

How do we pay the deposit?

Here are our Venmo ( Friends & Friend only), Cashapp or Zelle

What happens with our deposit once we pick?

The deposit is transferred to our reservation list. It is taken off the amount due at pick up or before transport.

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