Falkor Nerverending Wings of Luck


Falkor isn't just any dog; he was an English Cream Golden Retriever, a lineage sculpted by champions and adorned with titles that whispered of greatness. His great grandparents, renowned for their prestigious titles such as UKC Champion, UCI International Champion, UCI National Champion, UCI Veteran Champion, Jun Ch of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ch of Moldova, 4xCACIB, 4xBOB, and more, have set a legacy in motion. This legacy traveled through time, from the regal lineages of Spain and Ukraine, to find its way into Falkor's gentle heart.

But Falkor is more than a sum of his illustrious bloodline. He is goofy, a playful spirit encased in a body that moves with an elegance befitting his breed. His eyes, deep pools of kindness, sparkle with a love for life and all who cross his path. To meet Falkor is to encounter a boundless love that seeks nothing but to adore and be adored.

Falkor’s charm isn’t limited to just his immediate circle. He has a way of touching the hearts of everyone he meets. Strangers can't resist his inviting wag and the soft nuzzle of his nose. He is a golden ambassador of his breed. As Falkor grew, his lineage’s legacy of champions continued to echo in his every step, but it's his own unique spirit that truly makes him special. He is a testament to the fact that while bloodlines could tell the story of a breed's past, it is the heart and character of the individual that writes the story of their present. Falkor, with his adoring eyes and heart of gold, isn't just a dog. He is a living example of the best qualities of his breed, a beacon of love and joy. To know Falkor is to understand the essence of the English Cream Golden Retriever – noble not just in lineage, but in spirit.

AKC Registration #SS31888602

DOB: 01/01/2022

GR-PRA1: Clear

GR-PRA2: Clear

DM: Clear

NCL: Clear

PNPLA1: Clear

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