The Face Behind the Fur

Hello, I'm Letisha Uber, and I am eager to share the heartfelt joy of growing up surrounded by a wonderful variety of animals, especially dogs. My deep connection with these incredible creatures began early in life, profoundly influenced by my mother's passion for breeding and showcasing Cocker Spaniels. Her remarkable success in AKC events and her extensive knowledge have been invaluable to me.

In 2013, my journey in breeding took an exciting turn with English Bulldogs. This new chapter was driven by a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact in the canine world. I was fortunate to have an exceptional mentor who guided me along the way. This journey has been filled with growth, learning, and an abundance of passion.

Then, in 2018, my life was transformed when I welcomed a pair of Golden Retrievers into my home. Their patience, love, and incredible support for my son, who is on the Autism spectrum, deeply touched my heart. Witnessing their positive impact on my family inspired me to share this joy with others.

My dedication to animals extends far beyond breeding. Before and after starting my breeding program, I have rescued and found homes for countless animals of all species, big and small. I have personally rescued and rehomed numerous dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, fish, and birds (plus more) and volunteer as a foster caregiver at my local animal shelter. I also support other breeders and mentor my sister-in-law & a new upcoming breeder, in their new breeding venture.

I am committed to continuous learning, striving to improve the breed, and ensuring that the dogs I bring into families are not just pets, but healthy and vibrant companions. My dedication is unwavering, always seeking new knowledge to enhance my breeding program and the well-being of my furry friends.

Beyond breeding, I dream of becoming a veterinarian, fueled by my immense passion for animal welfare. Every step I take is with the hope of making a meaningful difference in the lives of these amazing beings who bring us so much joy and companionship.

I am continuing my education, with hopes of one day becoming a VeterinarianšŸ„°Ā 

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