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Welcome to LMU Goldens, where our passion goes beyond just finding homes for our dogs/puppies; we're committed to nurturing a treasured heritage. We pride ourselves on offering Golden Retrievers that are not only a joy to own but also a reflection of our dedication to responsible breeding, fulfilling companionship, and the preservation of this beloved breed's lineage. Our mission is to share the joy of having a Golden Retriever with families everywhere.

Exclusive Pricing for AKC Registered Golden Retrievers at LMU Goldens

Golden Retrievers are more than pets; they're loyal friends, integral family members, and sometimes even heroes. The bond you'll share with one of our Golden Retrievers is truly special. We strictly adhere to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) breeding guidelines to ensure the highest standards.

We do not charge more for color, gender, or origin (English or American). Unfortunately, sometimes, due to inflation associated with the care of our dogs and puppies, we must raise our puppy costs. If this happens and you are already on the list, the adoption cost associated with the time of signing up will be “locked in.” 

At LMU Goldens, every puppy, no matter their rights, is given love and top-notch care that mirrors the noble spirit of the Golden Retriever.

Limited AKC Rights

Embrace the Joy of Companionship


Full AKC Rights

A Promise of Breeding Excellence


Kindly review the contract before submitting a non-refundable deposit. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. We encourage prospective families and individuals to contact us at their earliest convenience to ensure they don't miss out on this golden opportunity.

Waiting List vs. Reservation List: What's the Difference?

Waiting List: Our waiting list is where potential puppy buyers can express their interest in our future planned litters. Joining our waiting list is free of charge and does not require any deposit until a breeding has been confirmed. By joining the waiting list, you'll receive updates and notifications about upcoming litters, ensuring you're informed about our latest developments.

Reservation List: On the other hand, our reservation list is for those who have confirmed their commitment to a specific litter. This list requires a deposit of $300 to secure a position for a puppy from an upcoming breeding. Once a litter is confirmed, individuals on the reservation list have priority in choosing a puppy based on the order of deposits received.

Key Differences:

Both lists are designed to ensure transparency and fairness in the adoption process, catering to different levels of readiness and commitment among potential puppy buyers.

Apple pay & Zelle @ 843-446-6608

Choosing and Welcoming Your Puppy:

As each new litter arrives, we delight in introducing our puppies to you through photos and videos, showcasing their emerging personalities and charm. The selection sequence starts at four (4) weeks old (via pictures, videos, or FaceTime) and is determined by the order of deposits received. 

Our puppies are ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks old. Choose your new furry family member either by reviewing the photos and videos we share or by scheduling a FaceTime session for a personal virtual introduction.

For families living out of state, we kindly ask that you travel to us to pick up your puppy, as we do not provide delivery services at this time but if you would like to find a trusted transporter yourself please let us know ahead of time. We believe in forming personal connections from the start and warmly invite you to be part of the joyful experience of welcoming your new family member home.

Lifetime Return Guarantee:

At LMU Goldens, we are wholeheartedly committed to the lifelong well-being of our Golden Retrievers. We warmly invite you to return any dog or puppy to us at any point in their lives if you find yourself unable to continue caring for them. Our foremost priority is ensuring that none of our cherished dogs ever find themselves in shelters or less-than-ideal situations. Decisions regarding refunds, if applicable, will be considered compassionately on a case-by-case basis. Please remember, our doors are always open for our Goldens to return to the loving home where their journey began.

Microchipping Services:

Each puppy from LMU Goldens comes equipped with a Fi Nano microchip, providing secure and easy identification. Owners have the option to integrate these chips with Fi Nano collars, offering real-time location tracking of your new furry friend. While the Fi Nano collar is not included with the puppy, you can explore and purchase these collars through the following link: https://tryfi.com/collar

Comprehensive Veterinary Care at LMU Goldens:

At LMU Goldens, we prioritize exceptional veterinary care for our dogs. Here’s how we ensure their health and well-being:

We are committed to the lifelong health and happiness of our dogs, providing them with the highest standard of care.

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