There are multiple different canine supplements available. These include joint, vitamin, immune, and enzymatic supplements (just to name a few). In addition, there are multiple different brands of supplements. Just as with human supplements, not all are the same. In addition, not all supplements fulfill their promises. If the supplement you are using is not working, you may not be targeting the right problem. Another possibility is that the supplement is incorrectly processed, does not contain ENOUGH of the needed ingredients, or the company is using sub-par ingredients.

Over the years, I believe that I have tried as many as 30 different supplements. I did this for years until I found nzymes and NuVet brand. These two brands have supplements that will cover any type of dietary supplement need.

Why Supplements are Beneficial

History of Dog Food

The processing and manufacturing of dog food did not start until the 1860s. Before this time, dogs ate what their humans ate. The first dog food was a “dog cake.” There is no information as to what this food looked like, but the ads for the food say it contains meat, meal, and dates. Nonetheless, at this time, many people could not afford to purchase commercial dog food and continued to feed their dogs scraps from their own tables.

In 1908, with the help of the Industrial Revolution, the first puppy food came on the market. In 1922, Ken-L-Ration became the first canned dog food on the market. The main ingredient in this food was horse meat and the dogs loved it. The canned dog food became so popular that the company had to begin breeding horses just so they can meet the demand.

Changing to Kibble

During WW2, dog food moved to focus on the kibble type foods due to rationing of metal (cans to hold the wet food) and meats. Purina started selling their well-known pet food formula of Dog Chow in 1953.

Commercial dog foods make feeding your pet much easier. Nonetheless, the majority of all processed dog foods use heat processing to help kill bacteria and allow the food to last longer. The benefits are that your dog does not get bacterial infections or poisoning caused by their dog food. The negative side is that the temperatures that kill bad bacteria also kill good bacteria and beneficial enzymes.

Additionally, commercial dog foods do not provide other health supplements at the level necessary to be sufficient. As a result, to make sure our dogs get everything they need out of their diet, supplements are beneficial. Puppies, as well as adult dogs, can greatly benefit from the use of the correct supplements. Unfortunately, there are many common ailments for dogs that seem to be associated with lack of proper nutrition and weakened immune systems. We have chosen to use the supplements listed below and have maintained extremely healthy dogs. It seems that those puppy parents who continue this regimen have fewer “common” issues associated with puppies.

Balanced Nutrition

As already noted the biggest issue with commercial dog food is some loss of whole nutrition when processed. Through the heat and additives, our four-legged fur-baby’s food may be lacking the correct levels of a necessary ingredient to lead long and healthy lives. It is our responsibility as puppy/dog parents to do all that we can to make sure that our love bugs get a complete and balanced diet (including the necessary antioxidants). This will allow our babies to thrive through balanced nutrition and stronger immune systems. This is the reason I recommend the Nzymes Granules or Antioxidant Treat as it replaces those ingredients that are lost in processing.

Immune Support

The reason that I support the NuVet Plus tablets is not because of kickbacks. Although my dogs stay on the supplement throughout their lives, this is a choice I have made to continue to support their immune system during times of stress. However, I do not require that owners keep their pups on the supplement for their entire life. That is the choice of the puppy parent. Nonetheless, I do require it be given for the first year of the pup’s life due to the fact that they are going through multiple changes that can stress their immune system during this time. These stressors can range from the simply immature immune system of a puppy to new experiences that may be stressful, and vaccinations. A weakened immune system can cause many additional health issues, as a result, I prefer to try to prevent it instead of treat it.

Digestive/Gut Support

The supplement I recommend for pro/prebiotics is the Nzymes Bak Pac Plus. The dosage of this supplement is extremely low because it is so well made. Just as with humans, a healthy gut tends to translate to a healthier body overall. Additionally, it helps with food processing and as an antioxidant.

Bone/Joint Support

I start my dogs on the NuJoint when they reach one year of age. At this point, their growth plates are starting to close and they are becoming “less flexible” (think of the difference in flexibility between a nine-month-old human and a 9-year-old human). As their bones and joints are maturing and starting to solidify, I start giving them the joint supplements. I believe in trying to prevent an issue instead of treating it after the fact. In addition, this can delay arthritis and other bone/joint issues from presenting. As a final thought, the reality is that giving the supplement does not harm, it can only help.

Healing and Wound Care

We use the Ox-E Drops when we have a puppy/dog recovering from a wound or surgery. When it is a wound, we use the Ox-E-Drops both internally and externally. Ox-E-Drops truly offers a wide diversity of applications for your pet’s needs. Simple Uses: add to your pet’s daily meals and the water dish for internal removal of free radicals and toxins or mix with water and spray on for topical needs. Ox-E-Drops is used in many of the Nzymes-sponsored “programs” for healthier pets. To learn more, read articles such as NZYMES®Healthy-Skin Program, or the Papilloma Program” and finally, the Respiratory Program.” For Veterinary Insight on using Ox-E-Drops for a variety of challenges, see this page by Doc-Kitty

Final Words…

The truth is that your dog can eat what you eat. If introduced early in life, “People food” is not bad for dogs. However, much of our food is also cooked. In turn, we have the same issues with our foods as dogs have with their processed foods. The RAW diet is an option, but it comes with many of its own issues, with the biggest being a significantly unbalanced diet. You also have hundreds of types of dog food available to choose from. Making the dog food decision can be difficult. With Golden Retrievers, there are foods on the market that have actually been associated with heart disease.

As a result, I have done a great deal of research, to try and make sure that my pups/dogs have everything they could possibly need. In all reality, if their body does not need the supplement at a specific time, it will process it out without harm. However, if their system is taxed for a reason I am unaware of, these supplements can be largely beneficial. Over the years, I have come up with what I feel is the most optimal option to provide my pups/dogs with everything I can to give them the healthiest life. To be honest, my dogs get supplements, commercial dog food, and human food.

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