Policy & Prices

Deposit/Reservation Policy

We're so excited to help you welcome a new furry friend into your family! To make sure you get the perfect puppy or a spot on our waiting list for future litters, we ask for a deposit or reservation. Your happiness is our top priority. We select our favorite male and female pups from each litter to ensure the quality you expect from us.

The deposit or reservation is non-refundable but is valid for a year and flexible. You can switch your deposit to another litter if you change your mind, as long as it's done before the puppy is five weeks old. You can also transfer your deposit to two puppies (one at a time) within the year for extra flexibility.

Your deposit shows your commitment to welcoming a puppy from our family to yours. Without it, we can't hold a puppy or a waiting list spot for you. We're honest and upfront about this process. If we feel a sale isn't the right fit, we may refund your deposit and cancel the sale, relying on your understanding and trust.

We organize our waiting list by gender preference and contact you in deposit or reservation order as puppies become available. It might take time, but we'll keep you updated on when your chosen puppy is ready.

We prioritize our puppies' health and happiness, introducing them virtually for their safety. Choosing your new family member is significant, and waiting times vary, but we aim to make the experience rewarding.

As you wait, we'll keep you excited with weekly photo updates and offer flexible pick-up dates to suit you, asking for your punctuality in return. Payment is due before your puppy leaves our home at eight weeks, ensuring a smooth start to your new adventure.

Thank you for letting us be part of this special time. Your enthusiasm inspires us, and we can't wait to see the happiness your new puppy brings!


At our kennel, we are deeply committed to breeding our dogs with exceptional care and in strict compliance with the American Kennel Club's (AKC) rigorous standards. We are thrilled to announce that each of our adorable puppies will come with AKC-eligible registration.🐶🎉 


Limited AKC Privileges: Lifelong Companionship 

Price: $1,000 

Recognizing that not every Golden Retriever will be a part of breeding programs, we offer dogs with limited AKC rights at $1,000. This is an ideal choice for those seeking a Golden Retriever as a loyal companion and family member. These dogs are meant for love and companionship, epitomizing the breed's health, gentle nature, and stunning beauty. 


Full AKC Rights: Breeding Excellence

Price: $2,000

For dedicated breeders, we offer Golden Retrievers with full AKC rights at $2,000. This not only grants the privilege to engage in responsible breeding and register litters with the AKC but also represents a commitment to preserving the breed’s heritage and characteristics. 


Ensuring the Well-being of Our Goldens 

The decision to opt for either full or limited AKC privileges holds immense significance and mirrors the owner's aspirations and objectives. Whether you aim to perpetuate a tradition of exceptional breeding or aspire to welcome a lifelong companion, LMU Goldens stands ready to offer guidance and support. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring the health and contentment of our dogs, and through our pricing structure, we aspire to attract families and breeders who resonate with our vision.

Kindly review the contract before submitting a deposit. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage prospective families and individuals to contact us at their earliest convenience to ensure they don't miss out on this golden opportunity.

Re-home or Returns

Being a responsible dog owner grants you the authority to always make choices that benefit your furry companion. This includes recognizing when your current situation may not be ideal for your dog, or adapting to life's unforeseen changes. In such instances, you have the complete right to either sell your dog or find them a new loving home.

We'd like to inform you about our policy in this regard: if you ever consider rehoming your dog, please think of us as your first option. Our aim is to continually improve our program by welcoming new furry friends. If you're faced with the need to rehome your dog, we're here to help find them a suitable new home, or you can return them to our care. Our policy ensures that our beloved dogs avoid the uncertainties of shelters or rescues.

We prioritize your dog's happiness and welfare and are committed to offering support and solutions that focus on their best interests.

Veterinary Care

Our delightful canine companions undergo comprehensive health testing and are up-to-date with all their regular veterinary check-ups before they embark on their exciting journey of parenthood. When it comes to our adorable puppies, they are in the capable hands of a licensed Veterinarian, ensuring their well-being. They will also receive an extra dose of protection through one 5-way shot (DAPPv) and meticulous deworming, all while under our care until they reach the age of 8 weeks. We're thrilled to provide you with copies of their health records, allowing you to welcome your new furry friend with confidence and peace of mind! 

Warning: It is important to understand that we are NOT representing any of our puppies as guaranteed service dogs, nor for that matter, even as fully trained companion animals. Like learning, training is a lifelong process, and no dog -- not even the best-trained working dog -- is a robot. It is to your benefit to Stay clear of any breeder or trainer who tries to convince you that an eight-week-old puppy will become a guaranteed service animal. No responsible party can make such a claim; there are simply too many uncontrolled variables involved. 

Instead, what we can and do promise is a puppy that has received every possible early advantage for optimal development into a cherished member of your pack.

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