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The Face Behind the Fur

Hello there, I'm Letisha Uber, and I've had the absolute delight of growing up surrounded by the wonderful company of dogs. From my early years, I've shared a special bond with these incredible creatures. My mother's involvement in showcasing and breeding Cocker Spaniels gifted me with a treasure trove of knowledge that I've carried forward with me.

Embarking on my breeding journey in 2014 was a turning point filled with enthusiasm and a desire to contribute positively to the canine world. My journey was blessed with the guidance of a fantastic mentor who skillfully steered me toward the right path. It's been a journey of growth, learning, and boundless passion.

As fate would have it, my heart was absolutely captured when I brought home my first pair of Golden Retrievers in 2018. Their remarkable qualities of patience, affection, and unwavering care, particularly towards my beloved son who is on the Autism spectrum, left an indelible mark on me. The profound impact they had on my family's life ignited a determination within me to share the sheer happiness and affection they brought us with others.

My thirst for knowledge led me down a path of intensive learning, an earnest commitment to enhancing the breed, and a strong resolve to provide families with dogs that are both loving companions and robust in health. Ensuring these furry friends lead vibrant lives without constant visits to the vet became a goal close to my heart.

My devotion to both my cherished canine companions and my breeding program is steadfast and resolute. I treat every aspect of this journey with reverence and care, perpetually seeking out new insights to infuse into my program. Just as a flower blossoms with each passing day, my program and the well-being of my beloved fur babies continue to flourish.

My aspirations extend beyond breeding; I'm on a path to become a veterinarian, driven by the profound desire to contribute to the welfare of animals. With every step I take, I am animated by the hope of making a positive impact in the lives of these wonderful creatures that bring us so much joy and companionship.




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